Artist Directory and Print Titles

Robert Bateman

Nancy Dunlop - Cawdrey

Arnold Friberg

Randy Fehr

Glen Scrimshaw

Al Weitzel

James Fox

Chris Caldwell


Local Artisits

David Kitler

George Shaw

Tom Hamp

Paul Smith

Maureen Lyttle

Carol Little

Wendy Waldek


Al Agnew

Robert Bateman
Chaps Western Bluebird
Cougar in the Snow
Coyote Head Study
Evening Light Elk
Edge of Night - Timber Wolves
Fox and Beehives
Fox and Grapes
Lucas Porch
Midnight Black Wolf
New Territory
Tiger at Dusk
Tiger Portrait
Winter Run - Bull Moose
Winter Snowshoe Hare
Winter Lady - Cardinal
Winter Trackers
Wolf Pack in Moonlight

John Banovich
Black Thunder

Joe Bitternose

Carl Brenders
Den Mother
Down for the Count
Fireball - Screech Owl
Miles to Go (Wolves)
Silence is Golden Survivors
Tall Grass Tiger
Threatened Symbol
Top of the World
Tundra Summit
Up Close - Barred Owl
Violet Trail and Cottontails
Yin and Yang

Bernie Brown
Prairie Necessities
Deer Country
Vintage Prairie
Still Standing
Boot Camp
Just in Case

Chris Caldwell
Hero in Red Serge
ITT Limited Night Shooter
Canada 125 The Partnership

Paul Calle
Several Works

James Coleman
An Evening in Venice
Daylight Shimmer
Portofino Afternoon

RoseMarie Condon
Inspiring Dreams

Jerry Danials
Broken Promises
Wolf Guardian
Wolf Spirit
Distant Thoughts

Pat Deputat
Dancing with Pride
Off Duty

James Dietz
Firefighter Images

Nancy Dunlop-Cawdrey
Limited edition giclee canvas and lithographic prints.
Cowboy, Western, Wildlife and Florals

Diane Dyck
Northwest Mounted Police March West

Larry Fanning
Another Day, Another Dollar CNVS
April Snow - Canada Geese
Bedded Down
Crystal Forest
5 AM
End of Summer
High Range Early Arrival
Mountain Majesty - Bull Elk
Phantom of the North
Shaman of the Pawnee
Solstice Rendezvous
Soul Mates
Himalayan Royalty
Winter's Lace
Winter Retreat - Canada Geese

Randy Fehr
Crowsnest Summer
Keeper of the Creek
Season of the Bear
Unexpected Snow
West Coast Interlude
Winters Evening Song

Nona Foster
Eagle Dancer
Wolf Stalker

Arnold Friberg
Mountie Collectables - RCMP Images from the Tweed Museum Store
At End of the Day
Brother Jared
Campfire Sign
Chevy Sport Coll No 3
Companions of the Trail
Dinner Companions
Following the Star
Gentlemans Foresome
Geronimo W/BK
Helaman Leads Army
Her Hero
In Waters Manitou
Into the Valley
Jesus Appears Nephite
Knute Rockne at Notre Dame
Lehi People Arrivce
Lehi Wilderness
Long Trail West
Maintaining the Right
Mind if I Join You
Model Builder
Mormon Bids Farewell
Moses and the Burning Bush
Night when Christ was Born
The Parley in the Forest
Parting Red Sea
Peace be Still
Prayer in Grove
Prayer Valley Forge
The Puffing Billy
Risen Lord
Tje Shepherds in the Field
Springtime in the North
Tales of the Force
The Thunder Wagon
Trading with the Assiniboines
The Trail End at the Sea
Trouble for the Butterfield
Uncertain Odds
When the :and was His
Winners & Losers
Word of the Lord
Yielding the Right of Way
Young Nephi Subdues

Jerry Gadamus
Various Images

Martin Grelle
Warrior's Quest
Rainy Autumn
Silent Camp
By Early Light

Adeline Halvorson
All Canadian
Almost Heaven
Cool Water
First Impressions
Gentleman's Club
Little Angel
Little One
Pride and Joy
Rise and Shine
Sole Mate
Special Connection
Sunshine Girls
Willing and Able
Various Equine Artwork
Limited Edition Prints
5 x 7 Note Cards

Steve Hanks
Her Time
Interior View
Sheer Grace
Matters of the Heart
Alone at Last
Comfort in Solitude
After the Bath

Dave Hoddinott
Northern Visitor
Sun Drawing Water

Boomer Jarret
Frozen In

Shirley Kraemer
Today's Youth
Saskatchewan Tourism Posters and Prints

Mark Lacourciere
Coast to Coast

Isabel Levesque
Harvest Memories Series
Ducks Unlimited - The Reunion

Michael Lonechild
Andrew Littlechiefs Horses
The Pipe Carrier
Going to Sell Wood
Ancient Hunting Grounds
Horses of the White Bear
Brother's Final Journey
The War Ponies
Huntin' Elk in the Moose Mountains

James Lumbers
The Gift
Grandma's Recipe
A Game of Checkers
The Immigrants
The Graduation
Evening Rendezvous
Hooked on You
The Spirit of Love
Mr. Fenton's Store

Bill McMillian
25th Anniversary Limited Edition
March West Art Cards
Horse and Rider

Robert Magee
The Charge (A/P and S/N)
An Astonishing Cavalcade

Allen Marricm
Image of the Echo

Christine Marshall
Strength and Pride Snowy Owl

Richard Mravik
Loving Reflections - Mute Swans
Contact - Grey Wolf

Kathryn Haylor

Kim Norlien
Various Images

Nnamdi Okonkwo
Water Maids
Market Women

Cam Pye
Male Runaway
Female Runaway

Terry Redin
Above the Fruited Plain
America America
And Crown thy Good
Autumn Evening
Best Friends
Bountiful Harvest
Comforts of Home
Evening with Friends
Evening Rehearsals
Evening Solitude
Family Traditions
For Amber Waves of Grain
For Purple Mountains Majesty
God Shed His Grace on Thee
Heading Home
Highlight of the Neighborhood
Homeward Bound
Hunters Haven
Lights of Home
Master of the Valley
Morning Solitude
Morning Suprise
O Beautiful for Spacious Skies
Prepared for the Season
Pure Contentment
Sharing Season I
Sharing Season II
Total Comforts
Twilight Time R&R (L/E)
Winter Wonderland

Bill Saunders
Daddy's Little Girl

Glen Scrimshaw
Ajawaan Evening
Grey Owl's Cabin -- Series of 5 Prints
Keewatin Christmas
Kootany Post
Northern Spirit
The Old Farmhouse
Morning Glory
Prairie Sentinels
Rawhide & Jellyroll
Spirit of the Force
Sudden Bolt
The Heartland
Triple Strike
RCMP St. Roch
Lonely Patrol
Spring Break-Up
One Last Look
Winters End

John Seerey - Lester
Polar Impact

Alden Seib
Murphy's Law Cartoon Prints
Senior Skins Games
The Ultimate Caddy
Skins Game
On a Hot Streak
You Haven't Hit 2 Balls that Well all Season
Texas Scramble

Daniel Smith
Sacred Heights
Silent Footsteps - Red Fox
End of Autumn
Snow Song
Nights Moves - Cougar
Eyes of the North
Wings of Gold

Morton E. Solberg
Wind and Rain

Ian Sparks
The Last RCMP Dog Team Patrol (This prints is on the 1994 Cdn Silver Dollar, We have Silver Dollars to go with the prints)
Newfoundland Prints

Richard Steele
Steppin' It Out
Silent Vigil (Corpus Christi Church)
A Penny for you Thoughts
Stinging Crabapples
Day's of Wine and Gold (Bro. Rice High)
Them Times
The Morning Offering
Missus, Can we see your Tree?
Friday's Fresh Fish
Catch the Wind
Next Goal Wins
Mots are Alive
The Longshoreman
Wash Day Blues
Autumn's Delight
Saturday Mornings
Autumn Respite
Any Mummers Allowed In?
Corner Boy Traditions: Doing Boggers
You're in my Class
The Last Bell
My Champion Flyer
Mercy Above All
I Still Believe
Yuletide Interlude

Rod Tribiger

J. Vanderbrink
Riverside Morning

David Van Dyke
Dodge Truck
Chev Truck

David Ward
Algonquin Winter
Another Season
The Grapevine
The Tea Shoppe
In Times Past
I Wonder
Sorak San
The Boat Builder
Days End
The Boathouse
A Boy and his Dog
The Far Away People
Lost Village
The Silent Ones
Woodland Summer